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Bounce back from Chronic Pain

Do you fear you’ll never be pain free?

Bounce back from Chronic Pain

Have you learnt to live with the aches, limitations and pain in your body?

Have you stopped participating in certain activities, sports because of how it will affect your body?

Are you frustrated that you will never get rid of your pain, tightness or limitation and have given up finding a solution?

With a signature blend of Muscle Activation Techniques, Qi Gong and Trame Vibrational Therapy, Apana Bodywork ensures that you won’t find this type of treatment anywhere else.

After a decade of experience, we’ve found the right balance between correcting alignment, clearing out blockages and recharging your batteries that will leave you moving with ease again.

Clearing out the accumulated stress from your body will allow you to feel free once again while creating efficient and proper body function. At Apana Bodywork, we efficiently correct muscle imbalances as well as prevent imbalances from occurring in the first place.

What does a signature treatment at Apana Bodywork look like?

The first 15 minutes of your treatment gets you grounded and buzzing all over with a clearing Qi Gong sweep.

For the remainder of your session, we focus on getting your muscles back online. Much like the battery of your car, the battery of each muscle in your body can falter and lose its connection. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) allows us to see what motions are limited and test the muscles responsible for those motions.

In short, as we wake up the ‘sleepy’ muscles, you regain motion and strength that you didn’t have before.

By alternating this signature treatment with Trame Vibrational Therapy, you’re body has the best chance at a quick recovery. Many chronic pain sufferers have benefited tremendously and are getting back to their pain-free lifestyles with this exclusive treatment.

Why not step out of your comfort zone and experience all the transformations your body is crying out for? Call Apana Bodywork at 647.801.2424 to schedule your free 30 Minute Consultation to see if this is the right solution for you.

Client Testimonials

“For a number of years I suffered with pain in right shoulder as a consequence of a serious injury that I incurred many years ago. This affected my posture and the mobility of my right arm. I had mentioned this to my doctor, but was never offered any recommendation or help as to what could be the problem or what could be done to fix it. The standard response was “it's probably arthritis”.

After my initial assessment at Apana Bodywork and after a few sessions, my pain went away, my posture got better, my mobility improved! I could not believe I had gone for so many years with the constant shoulder pain!!

I found Madeleine to be a professional and caring therapist. And, I am amazed at the difference in my health that Muscle Activation has brought about.”

Liz. S

Toronto, ON

“After two bunion surgeries, my feet were very painful and they we’re driving me crazy. After three treatments I’d say my feet are 95% better.”

Marie C.

Toronto, ON