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Energy Healing

There are times of severe stress when one needs to focus on healing relaxation as a means of recharging the body so that it can be treated physically. At Apana Bodywork, we are prepared for this kind of situation through the energy healing art of Reiki.

Reiki Healing works on all levels:

Energy Healing

But there is a definite time to do energy healing and a time to work on the physical aspects. At Apana Bodywork, we take pride in knowing what is needed and when it is needed in order to help each individual to heal quickly and thoroughly.

The Benefits of Reiki Energy Healing

There are several benefits to the energy healing art of Reiki:

  • creating complete relaxation to help you become more focused and productive
  • removing energy blockages that allows your body to heal itself
  • removing stress from the body and the mind to help you feel lighter
  • helping to release ‘hot spots’ of pain in your body so that you may heal
  • releasing buried memories to free up your heart for more love

You do not necessarily have to believe in this philosophy to feel relaxed and to be healed by it. Your body is inherently self-healing. An unobstructed flow of energy is necessary for health and Reiki is about restoring that flow and letting everything else take care of itself.

An Example of the Effectiveness of Reiki Energy Healing

An Apana client not only lost a very close relative herself but had to be the support person for her grieving family member. This personal stress, along with work deadlines and travel, created the need for a very different and challenge approach to treatment.

Reiki Healing

After an initial consultation, it was mutually decided to remove the stress from her body through an energy healing session first, to be followed by MAT in a subsequent session. When the MAT session had been completed, the client shared that she “felt like herself again” and felt that she could actually enjoy a commitment scheduled for later that evening.

In this situation, Reiki energy healing assisted in bringing her emotional and mental bodies back into alignment and balance, and physical assessments done before and after these healing sessions demonstrated that physical improvement had been achieved as well.

Qi Gong

At Apana Bodywork, we utilize Qi Gong to help clear blockages and allow healing on all levels.

We use movements and techniques that can stimulate/accelerate healing when simple physical approaches are not yielding the expected results. Clients can go home with a few movements to practice and allow the flow of Qi to resume and create health and balance.

To learn more about Master Yap Soon-Yeong’s Qi Gong, please contact Saundra Arnold at (905) 895-1517 or

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Client Testimonials

"I have suffered with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years. Most days I could not cope with the pain and my bed was the only place I could be. I was losing hope and almost every doctor said "this is something you are just going to have to live with". I tried many different methods for pain relief such as physio therapy, exercise plans, medications etc. Nothing gave me the long term relief I was hoping for. When I received an energy healing from Madeleine the results were outstanding. Not only did I start to feel better but it opened doors to new ways to look at pain relief. My experiences with her have solidified my belief in how powerful the mind body connection truly is, and most importantly, to realize that I don't have to learn to live with this, I can live my way out of it."


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