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Healing from Grief & Loss: Honor your loved ones by letting go of the pain

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When we lose someone we love it takes a chunk of our heart with them. We wonder how anything will ever be the same.

It will be different that is a fact but there are ways that you can move on from the pain while honoring what you had.

At Apana Bodywork we have a unique offering that allows people that have experienced loss to release the heart break and sadness without having to relive the loss again and again.

Although talk therapy is complimentary to Trame Vibrational Therapy it is not part of what we offer.

Your first Trame Vibrational Therapy session includes taking a health history as well as finding out what changes you’d like to make in your life. Whether it be feeling better emotionally, adjusting to the many changes in your life or adapting better to stress we know there will be a transformation so we take a baseline to measure progress.

At the start of each session we measure your progress since the last session. During a Trame Session you lie fully clothed on a massage table where 16 hand positions are lightly placed on your body. You may feel hot, cold, tingling, twitching, numbness, floating or nothing at all. This 45 minute treatment will powerfully clear out stored emotions and blockages to give you a long term sense of calm and bring back harmony to the body.

A Trame Vibrational Therapy session needs to be properly integrated by the body that’s why one treatment every three to six weeks is recommended. Typically we recommend between three and five sessions to align and clear out blockages in your matrix or Trame. More than 3-5 sessions are decided on a case by case basis.

Transitioning back to your ’new normal‘ can be difficult but we are here to support and empower you with a powerful agent of change.

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Client Testimonials

“I accept how my sister died. I know she’s happy and I’m good with that.”

Marie. C