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How We Can Help

At Apana Bodywork, each session is designed to meet your personal needs and/or objectives.

We achieve this while following a standard program or protocol that includes these elements:

  • defining your goals
  • creating a treatment plan
  • optimizing your healing
  • reassessing your goals

Define Your Goals

What would you like to achieve as far as healing? Are you looking to get more out of your life? Do you want to participate in yoga or certain activities without pain or discomfort, or perhaps increase feelings of calmness and joy?

At Apana Bodywork we offer a Free 30 minute consultation to make sure that our services are a right fit for you as well as the goals you’re looking to achieve.

Whether you’re living with chronic pain, anxiety/depression or looking to recover from stress and trauma, Apana Bodywork is the place to start your healing transformation.

Assessing your needs is a first step in creating your individual treatment plan and beginning the healing process that will get you results.

Bounce back from Chronic Pain

Define Your Limits

At Apana bodywork we have a unique results driven approach in which we alternate biomechanical correction (MAT: Muscle Activation Techniques) with clearing Trame Vibrational Therapy to optimize a speedy recovery.

Regardless of whether you’ve had the pain or imbalance 5 days or 5 years, we have the plan for you.

We take a detailed health history and start your treatment program with a full biomechanical assessment and MAT treatment. Trame Vibrational Therapy would be scheduled every three weeks with MAT sessions in between until your pain is resolved.

Clearing out the accumulated stress from your body will allow you to feel free once again while creating efficient and proper alignment and muscle function.

Many chronic pain sufferers have benefited tremendously and are getting back to their pain-free lifestyles with this exclusive treatment.

Praise for Apana Bodywork:

“After two bunion surgeries, my feet were very painful and they we’re driving me crazy. After three treatments I’d say my feet are 95% better.”
Marie. C., Aurora

“For a number of years I suffered with pain in right shoulder as a consequence of a serious injury that I incurred many years ago. This affected my posture and the mobility of my right arm. I had mentioned this to my doctor, but was never offered any recommendation or help as to what could be the problem or what could be done to fix it. The standard response was “it's probably arthritis”.

After a few sessions at Apana Bodywork, my pain went away, my posture got better, my mobility improved! I could not believe I had gone for so many years with the constant shoulder pain! I am amazed at the difference in my health!”
Liz.S, Toronto

Become Empowered: Heal Anxiety & Depression:

We offer Trame Vibrational Therapy which is a very powerful way of clearing out stored emotions that lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.

When we suppress or have unresolved emotions, they become stored in the cells of our body as memories. These memories create blockages in the flow of energy and information which can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Praise for Apana Bodywork:

“My family and friends have noticed that I am not as stressed and seem a lot happier. I am not sad everyday anymore.”
Trisha.P, Newmarket

Stress & Trauma; Put the oxygen mask on first.

Have you gone through a trauma that you haven’t fully healed from years ago or are going through one now? Do you suspect you may have PTSD? Maybe it’s just the regular day to day stressors that add up to make it tough to feel the joy and vitality you once did.

Stress has a way of accumulating inside of us in the form of unresolved or suppressed emotions. This accumulated stress has a way of blending into the background as we quickly adapt to our new situation.

Stress and trauma that remains stuck in the body keeps affecting us on a cellular level.

We know self-care is crucial yet we sometimes get in the habit of prioritizing work and family over our needs.

At Apana Bodywork, we help people that have experienced stress and trauma get back on track with the powerful Trame Vibrational Therapy. It’s a form of healing that affects the matrix of your body clearing out stored emotions at a cellular level like never before.

Clearing out stress and trauma at a cellular level is very powerful catalyst for change. All areas of your life may improve.

Praise for Apana Bodywork:

“I don't think one realizes the help one needs until a few doors are open; both spiritually and mentally. In 6 sessions with her, I've already become a much calmer person on the inside with the acceptance of things I didn't realize I have been fighting. I'm excited to see and feel the benefits that I have already tapped into with the help of Madeleine. She's no doubt a powerful, calming, healing, safe zone that I have been missing in my life!”
Holly, W., Toronto

Creating your Treatment Plan

Once we develop the treatment plan it isn’t written in stone. It’s important for you to know that your healing is number one. If the strategy we’ve employed to get you to your goals needs tweaking, your treatment plan will be adjusted accordingly. For example, for some chronic pain sufferers I would recommend a combination of MAT and Trame Vibrational therapy. This combination is amazing a rectifying alignment and clearing out old injuries and pain. If we find that you’re getting great results without adding in the MAT we’ll adjust your treatment plan to exclude it.

Every person is slightly different and there may be some cases where we adjust your plan on the fly depending on what is going on in your life. Your healing is our ultimate goal.

In Session: Muscle Activation Techniques

At Apana Bodywork, preparing your body for change means helping to release any inhibitions that may prevent your body from being receptive to the physical changes we will be introducing. Taking the first few minutes of your session to get connected and grounded with a Qi Gong and pressure point treatment will go a long way to helping your body adapt to change.

At Apana Bodywork, our goal is to first determine what you cannot do, then helping you do that with ease. Individuals commonly have many joint limitations therefore, at the beginning of every session, we will assess the range of movement in every joint within your body.

Based on this assessment, the most dominant/obvious limitation identified will then be treated in that session.

We will test and treat all of the muscles that are required to perform your most limited motion until your movement is symmetrical from one side of the body to the other. The quality of the motion is important too – for example, it is not just how much you can move your arm, but how it feels when you move it.

It is important to note whether pain, tightness or soreness is present so that we can determine your progress within a session and from one session to another.

In Session: Trame Vibrational Therapy

During a session you lie down fully clothed on a massage table. There are a series of 16 hand positions lightly placed on the body. You may feel hot, cold, tingling, numbness, floating, twitching, emotions come up to the surface to be released, fall asleep or feel nothing at all. The treatment’s effectiveness doesn’t depend on you having a particular experience. Trame is an intense clearing and works on all people regardless of their sensitivity.

Trame Vibrational Therapy will:

  • align your matrix
  • clear out blockages/emotions/memories from your matrix
  • empower you


The session concludes and no feedback or interpretation is offered. This is done so that the treatment can be integrated absent of the mind’s interpretation. You simply go integrate the changes made and book your next session between 3-6 weeks. The treatment continues to work on you for up to 40 days and the soonest your next session can be booked is 21 days or 3 weeks after.

In that time, you may see changes in your condition and we ask that you take notice of all the subtle and not so subtle changes in how you feel and experience your life in all aspects. Trame Vibrational Therapy works on the matrix of your body and so it will affect you in a deep and holistic way.

Optimize Your Healing

Every Apana Bodywork client has a distinctive need or set of needs.

In general, these needs can be compartmentalized into one of three major categories:

  • primarily stress reduction (anxiety, depression, stress & trauma recovery)
  • purely physical limitations (chronic or intermittent pain)
  • some combination of stress reduction and physical balancing


At Apana Bodywork, we customize your treatment plan to reach all your goals.

The addition of Trame Vibrational Therapy has improved the results we achieve at Apana Bodywork. It’s been very effective at clearing out stored emotions from the past and present. It’s been incredibly powerful at creating the ideal internal and external environment for transformation. Each person becomes empowered to make choices that better reflect what is true for them.

Through our holistic approach, we optimize your healing so that you may experience immediate and long-term progress, both spiritually and physically.

Re-assessing your goals

At Apana Bodywork, we check in to make sure you’re achieving your goals and make adjustments to your treatment plan accordingly. For example, if you have a chronic pain issue and Trame Vibrational Therapy is helping but you still feel you need more strength and stability we can add some MAT sessions to treatment plan.

Client Testimonials

"I had trouble going even for short walks and I felt like I had to kick my left leg out in front of me so my daughter recommended me to Madeleine. After four treatments I walked 3 km and for the first time in 11 months I felt pretty comfortable. After a subsequent session I was walking 5 km comfortably and didn’t feel like I had to kick my leg out but like it was doing it on its own. MAT treatments, the gym exercises recommended as well as the corrective exercises all combined to get me here"


Stratford, ON