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Trame Vibrational Therapy

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trame vibrational therapy

La Trame was developed by Patrick Burensteinas; a physicist who specialized in quantum physics. He created La Trame Vibrational Therapy in 1990 to enhance the circulation of energy within the body, so it can function with optimal efficiency. Using concepts of ancient alchemy and the universal quantum grid, this therapy acts by harmonizing the vibration within the body and removing any obstructions in the natural energy flow that may have been caused by stress, unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs or physical injury.

If you have been searching for a deeply effective therapy to help you or someone you care about attain new levels of health and well-being; this is what you are looking for! Trame Vibrational Therapy is complete on its own or used as an effective complimentary treatment. Not only does this work affect the physical structure of the body, it also balances emotional and mental disturbances, creating clarity of thought and emotional stability. People experience greater joy and ease in life on many levels. There has been huge success in balancing cases of depression/anxiety with as little as 3-5 Trame sessions. It is very powerful and impressive!

During a Trame Session you lie fully clothed on a massage table where 16 hand positions are lightly placed on your body. You may feel hot, cold, tingling, twitching, numbness, floating or nothing at all. This 45 minute treatment will powerfully clear out stored emotions and blockages in your body while also re-aligning your framework. While the treatment is underway most people go into a very deep state of relaxation or sleep and wake up very calm.

Changes from the treatment begin to be felt once the session is complete as well as for up to 40 days afterwards. You may receive another Trame session after three weeks have passed to allow your body time to adjust and integrate the changes. Some people experience detox symptoms for a day or two that aren’t as intense or as prolonged as you would usually experience. This detox is simply blockages coming up to the surface to be released and cleared away.

What clients love about Trame is that you don’t need to come back again and again to see great results. For most people 3-5 Trame sessions is enough to reach their treatment goals.

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Client Testimonials

“I have been in practice for almost ten years and I’ve never seen one session of anything pack a more powerful punch.”

Madeleine Dasilva

Owner Apana Bodywork